Russian Consular Office Asks France to Place Vinnik Under Residence Apprehension in House Nation

Russian authorities are not quiting their initiatives to assist Alexander Vinnik– a claimed scammer that is implicated of laundering as high as $4 billion in Bitcoin (BTC)– to go back to his homeland.

In an additional effort to extradite Vinnik, the Russian Consular office apparently asked for that France position the supposed previous BTC-e driver under residence apprehension in Russia.

The current extradition demand is apparently driven by magnifying worries over Vinnik’s wellness amidst the COVID-19 break out. The information was reported by Russia’s pro-government magazine RT on April 15, mentioning Alexey Meshkov, the Russian Ambassador in Paris.

France allegedly neglected Russia’s demand to take note of Vinnik’s wellness

According to the record, the Russian Consular office has actually sent out a polite note to the French Ministry for Europe and also Foreign Matters. This letter demands that the French Ministry take into consideration moving Vinnik from the Fresnes Jail in France to house apprehension in Russia.

In order to bring the supposed Bitcoin scammer to Russia, neighborhood authorities have actually apparently declared their readiness to give Vinnik with a state-owned house. The step adhered to a March 30 demand to the French Ministry to guarantee correct tracking of Vinnik’s wellness and also coverage of coronavirus-related procedures. According to the record, the Ministry has actually neglected the demand until now.

Convicted Russian representative Maria Butina reports regarding Vinnik’s wellness problems

According to RT, Vinnik’s house apprehension demand was exposed in Meshkov’s action to an unique question by Maria Butina, a founded guilty Russian representative that was released from an USA jail in October2019 Butina, that is likewise associated with crypto by her connections with crypto supporter Patrick Byrne, apparently claimed that Vinnik’s health issue might transform dangerous if he obtains contaminated by the unique coronavirus.

Keeping In Mind that she is in touch with 39- years of age Vinnik in addition to his mom and also legal representative, Butina apparently claimed:

“Vinnik’s health situation is indeed very complicated, and the coronavirus infection could pose him a risk of fatal outcome. I hope that the French authorities will be guided by their own stance of humanism and choose to save the life of a person who is at severe risk by giving Vinnik the opportunity to await the trial under house arrest.”

As reported by Cointelegraph, Vinnik has actually invested over 30 months in apprehension now. To day, Russia has actually taken several actions to bring Vinnik to his homeland considering that the supposed Bitcoin lawbreaker was very first detained in Greece in July2017 As reported, Russian authorities also looked for aid from the United Nations High Commissioner for Civil rights to bring the supposed criminal under its territory.